Should you have any concerns with our product, services or staff this document outlines our procedures for the handling of any complaints we receive. It demonstrates our commitment to managing and resolving your complaint in a courteous, timely and fair manner.
Lodging a Complaint With Us
You can lodge a complaint with us by:
Telephone: 1800SAVETAX   0755264933  We’re available from 8am to 4:30pm( QLD Time) on Monday to Friday.
Email: You can email – Attention Customer Service Manager
Mail:    Customer Service Manager
   PO Box 2255, Southport BC
   QLD   4215
Managing Your Complaint
Our internal dispute resolution process is designed to ensure that your complaint is handled efficiently, effectively and fairly.
Acknowledging your complaint.
Upon receipt of receiving your complaint we will contact you within 24 hours via phone or in writing. You will be provided with a reference number.
How your complaint is managed.
We will endeavor to resolve your complaint within the initial contact. There may be certain occasions which will delay this process by an additional 24 hours. For example,  where we need to retrieve recorded conversations or  await instructions from third parties such as sales representatives or credit control representatives. You will be advised of the expected time frame on the initial contact.
The progress of your complaint.
You are welcome to contact us at anytime for an update in relation to the progress of your account, in addition we will contact you with any further progress.
Resolution of your complaint.
We will endeavor to resolve your complaint within 5 working days from the date of the complaint being received. However should there be any reason for an additional delay to this time frame you will be advised immediately.
We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service at all times.
Unable to resolve your complaint.
If we cannot reach a satisfactory resolution you can raise your concerns with the Office of Fair Trading in your state or territory.
Alternatively you can contact the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission on 1300 302 502.
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