Why should I subscribe?

With many  years of  experience  working with business We understand the complex difficulties faced by business owners today. we are  currently helping 1000’s of businesses in Australia to maximise their claims with the taxman and maximise their spend with their accountant. with  your tax information , tax planning and tax saving strategies at your fingertips.
  • Are you being kept up to date with all the changes to the tax system and how they could possibly impact your business, weekly, fortnightly, monthly?
  • Do you know what the taxman is thinking?
  • Our clients certainly do!

My Accountant Looks After Everything

100% of our subscribers have an accountant, we don’t replace your accountant, we don’t do your books, We provide information to help  maximise the claims from the taxman. It has never been so important to have this information. Gain maximum value from your accountants time and more importantly look to maximise your claims with the taxman.

I am too busy and don’t have time to read how will this help?

We write it  in simple easy to read and understand plain English. spend 5 minutes to scan the index of the report, to identify any issues that you feel could impact your business. Time saved, money saved. Use the interactive research library  ,email our Q & A helpline, access all of this when you are on the move on  your mobile device, time saved, money saved.

How much does it cost

For an initial investment of $539 (incl. GST) for the Annual Premium Subscription you receive trusted top level tax information provided by our tax professionals , between them have over 124 years combined experience in tax.  7 Reference Reports covering  Tax Audits, GST, Superannuation, Income Tax & FBT Savers, Tax Rates, Travel Allowances and Capital Gains Tax Savers. 6 Bi-monthly Reports, containing tax  updates and changes, tax saving and tax planning strategies, plus emailed tax alerts and tax tips keeping you up to date.$300 worth of tax questions answered from our Q & A Helpline on either personal or business tax related questions.
Join the many 1000’s smart business owners throughout Australia, already experiencing the benefits!