Job Keeper – What You Need To Know



Recorded Video Resource Package

One-hour video with the Accountant Directors of the Australian Bookkeepers Network – discussing all aspects of the JobKeeper Stimulus Package – in partnership with My Tax Savers.


  1. Overview
  2. Eligibility
  3. Payments
  4. Timing
  5. Compliance and
  6. Other Issues (includes Bonus Feature on the Commercial Rent Relief programme)


Two valuable PDF Reference information documents: –

  • Coronavirus Economic Response Measures
    A handy reference guide on the three packages released by the Federal Government – includes links for more information

  • JobKeeper Checklist
    A Step by Step checklist on the JobKeeper programme: –
  1. Determine Employer Eligibility
  2. Determine Eligible Employees for each fortnightly period
  3. Determine Eligible Business Participants for each fortnightly period
  4. Confirm entitlement to JobKeeper for each fortnightly period
  5. Payroll Processing
  6. Receipt of JobKeeper Payments
  7. Monthly Reporting Requirements

All this for a very small outlay of $55 (incl GST) tax-deductible to your business.