The Annual subscription service includes


Bi-Monthly Newsletter

These regular 24 page updates will bring tax saving tax planning opportunities and tax threats to your attention as they arise, plus changes within the Tax System keeping you right up-to-date.

Income Tax & FBT Savers

A collection of Income Tax and Fringe Benefit Tax tips used by tax professionals. Worked examples included where relevant. Top of page

Capital Gains Tax Savers

A compilation of advice that will guide you through the maze of Capital Gains Tax and help you minimise the implications of this complex area of taxation. Get the latest on CGT concessions for business taxpayers. Top of page

Tax Audits

WHAT TO DO WHEN THE TAX MAN CALLS. This 20 page special edition  that tells you what to do if you’re caught with an audit, and sets out your rights and obligations. What should you do if you get an audit? What types of audits are there? What will the Tax Office be looking for? Most importantly, we look at your rights and obligations if selected for a review and provide several actual audit questionnaires to give you the edge. Top of page


This report details the workings of the GSTtax system including GST, PAYG instalment regimes and also considers new legislation both passed and pending that will have an impact on small business. Top of page

Travel & Travel Allowances

What to pay, what to claim? Maximise your claim and avoid the onerous substantiation requirements. Covers part day, local, interstate and overseas travel. Additionally, tables are attached with current amounts for both domestic and overseas travel allowances. Top of page

Superannuation Report

Deals with issues affecting superannuation for business and individuals. A three part summary that walks you through the ‘ins and outs’ of superannuation. Top of page

Fax/Write/Email Helpline

Subscribing allows you access our Q & A HELPLINE question and answer service which gives subscribers the ability to ask a  number of questions,up to the value of $300, of MTS’s Tax Professionals  who research your question and the answer will be provided within 48-72 hours making this great value.

Rates and Tables Report

The Special Edition titled “Tax Rates, Thresholds And Other Tax Essentials” features 12 pages of the more common tax rates and thresholds referred to by business during the course of a year. The Special Edition includes tax rates and thresholds applicable to individual and corporate taxpayers as well as superannuation and retirement planning. To assist in the understanding of the nature and application of the rates and thresholds supplied we have also included brief commentary throughout the Special Edition. Because of the nature of the material, which changes over time, the Special Edition will be updated annually to incorporate the latest available rates. The Special Edition is intended to become a handy reference material that combines in one reference point information that would ordinarily have to be extracted from a wide range of sources. Every effort is made to supply the most up to date rates possible, however as legislation changes over time and rates become redundant, we suggest confirmation of rates with you accountant before applying them to your circumstances. Top of page