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Engaging a Tax Agent

If like many taxpayers you intend on using the services of a Tax Agent to prepare your upcoming 2016/2017 Income Tax Return, you should ensure you are on their lodgement list by 31 October 2017. If you are not on a Tax Agent’s Lodgement List, your tax return will be due on this date, and you will not enjoy the extended due date that you usually would when you lodge with a Tax Agent. Other points to be mindful of when using a Tax Agent include:


  • Ensure they are registered with the Tax Practitioners Board (go to https://www.tpb.gov.au/search-register)
  • Ensure that you provide the Tax Agent with all of your relevant tax records for 2016/2017 (receipts etc.). Failure to do may result in delays in lodging your return, and you possibly paying more tax than you are liable for. Ask your Tax Agent for a checklist of the records that you need to provide.
  • Tax return preparation fees are tax deductible, so ensure that you retain evidence of payment.