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Tax Saving & Planning Strategies
MTS  understands the complex areas of Taxation that’s our role.Business owners know that  it’s difficult and complicated the area of Taxation, but it’s an area that the expectation is you should know and that you must get right. Protect your future and the investment in your business, join other smart business owners who are saving time and time’s money by using our premium researched Tax Saving and Tax Planning Strategies, so let us help take the stress out of tax. MTS is unique,  offering clients taxation information that is written in plain English,  something which is not easily found in Australia’s complex tax system today.

Worked Examples
Our experienced team of CPA’s, accountants and tax writers provide detailed worked examples in our publications.

Our examples  take you step by step through any tax changes, bringing it to life with a real-world scenario that immediately illustrates the impact that it could have for you or your business.

Stay up to date with these changes that could help maximise your claims with the taxman.

Here’s an example of our work:


David is an employee accountant who in 2016/2017 earned $65,000. Nearing retirement, he decided to make provision for his retirement by sacrificing $13,000 of his before-tax salary into superannuation. On this TFN Declaration when he commenced his job, David notified his employer that he has a HELP debt, however after he lodged his 2016/2017 tax return he ended up with a tax bill of $2,925 consisting entirely of his HELP liability. David phones the ATO to enquire how this happened.

It is correctly explained to him that because he is salary sacrificing to superannuation, his employer is withholding tax on his post-sacrifice salary ($1,000 per week), not on his gross weekly salary ($1,250 per week). Because the $1,000 is below the minimum threshold for weekly HELP withholding of $1,074 (approximately $54,869 (as per earlier table) divided by 52 weeks) the employer did not, and was not, required to withhold tax towards the HELP liability.

Therefore, because no compulsory HELP repayments were made through David’s pay, he must make the compulsory repayment of $2,925 himself from his own savings. As per the earlier table, the repayment rate will be 4.5% ($65,000 x 4.5% = $2,925).

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Written in plain English, easy to read and easy to understand,  important Tax Alerts keeping you aware of changes that could adversely impact on your business ,let us help take the stress out of Tax for you.

Our Team of accountants and CPA’s  put together webinars for you on the various big tax topics, such as the $20,000 instant asset write off, Super Stream compliance, the federal budgets and the soon to be introduced Single Touch Payroll and more.

Our clients love this format as its presented with  the latest information, that’s easy to understand and saves you from having  to wade through the physical  legislation.

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 Packed with the latest updates, don’t worry If you missed your Tax Alerts then you can always get right back up to speed, all of the information  that’s written in plain English making it easy to understand , accompanied by worked examples on how these  changes are likely to effect businesses.  

Information Resources

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As a MyTaxSavers member you get unlimited access to your online private members area,  that holds previous webinars and our extensive research library with archived copies of publications,  covering areas such as Superannuation, Tax Audits, GST, Travel and Travel Allowances, Capital Gains, Tax Rates and Thresholds.

Q&A Helpline with our Experts
Subscribing  and being a client provides you access to the  Q & A HELPLINE, If you need more information on a particular issue,  the  question and answer service gives you as a subscriber the ability to ask a number of questions,up to the value of $300,  the  MyTaxSavers team of  Tax Professionals will research your Question and the answer will be provided within 48-72 hours making this great value.

Bonus Extras

Tax Audit Special Edition
WHAT do you do when the taxman calls .This special edition publication , tells you what to do if you’re caught with an audit, and sets out your rights and obligations. What should you do if you get an audit? What types of audits are there? What will the Tax Office be looking for? Most importantly, we look at your rights and obligations if selected for a review and provide several actual audit questionnaires to give you the edge.

Rates & Tables Cheatsheet
Our annually updated “Tax Rates, Thresholds And Other Tax Essentials” feature includes 12 pages of the more common tax rates and thresholds referred to by business during the course of a year.

The Special Edition includes tax rates and thresholds applicable to individual and corporate taxpayers as well as superannuation and retirement planning. To assist in the understanding of the nature and application of the rates and thresholds supplied we have also included brief commentary throughout the Special Edition.

Every effort is made to supply the most up to date rates possible, however as legislation changes over time and rates become redundant, we suggest as a precaution get  confirmation of rates with your accountant before applying them to your circumstances.